Center for Flood Relief and Mitigation cum Kota Tinggi Green Square

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The Center for Flood Relief and Mitigation is a building that purposely designed to encounter the flood disaster where almost every December until January will landed at East Coast of Malaysia.

From the news what we heard and read recently, the flood in the East Coast, especially Terengganu, Kelantan and Selangor are really heartbreaking.

The poor victims faced the problem of running out of food source, electric and water supply and are simply  get settled at relief center whic might be school nearby or community hall.

therefore, with the specially designed flood relief center, we hope that we could help the victims during flood, giving them a more secure place within the disaster period.

Whilst during non-flood, the center will transform into another function which is market, food court and at the same time have farming activities in the urban area.

Although the design is not perfect because there are some quite important issues that I overlooked, this is the design that I came out with within this several months.