Common solution for flood refugees in Malaysia is to place them in a large hall where all daily routine to be continued, publicly. This gives less privacy and rather uncomfortable ambiance to almost everyone. Hence, this provoked the idea of placing the flood victims temporarily (existing or transferred) into 2 type of pods (HexaPod) without jeopardizing their security and privacy.

The main idea of the Pod  is to temporarily contain the flood victims for shelters in case the duration of flood is expected to be longer than a week. There are 2 type of HexaPod installed in this design. First HexaPod is focusing on groups of single male and female, segregated by gender. Second Hexapod (with bigger square area) place a maximum of 2 families of 5.

Besides acting as a relief centre, for swift distribution of task force, command centre for flood hazard is installed in the second floor of the front tower. The head is JPS which places the office of JPS in times of no flood as well.

Considering the event of flood is common during end of the year, thus, a second typology  has to be introduced. Hence, the community mall.

Community Mall is chosen to be the second typology as the surrounding context of Jalan Niaga in Kota Tinggi are majority shop lots. Also, the existing character of the site  used to be a commercial building. Therefore, the idea of transformation of spaces is introduced whereby, a group of number of shops will be turned into flood mitigation centre either for emergency or relief. Implementation of technology also plays important crucial in manoeuvring the whole system of the building. Hence, the use of Aqua Fence Flood Gate and Industrial Linear Actuator in this building to help better facilitation.