This permacultural gastronomic serves as the community development hub and systematically converted into a mitigation centre during flood. Food is the underpinning in the design as food connects people and the basic necessity of a human being. The language of food culture is narrated into the building through the design of the kitchen, specially designated as the focal point whilst other spaces evolve around it. Permaculture spaces are provided for the community to engage in greening the area and sustainability of food during flood. Much thoughts were given on the spatial planning and the connectivity of each spaces. The ground floor is an open area for the community activities and the first floor is the market area. It was designed such way to reduce the impact of loss during the flood. Meanwhile the basement is protected and concealed to save the vehicles and storage spaces that  store the donation items. Increasing of privacy is highlighted as the users go through the higher levels of the building.

Permacultural Gastronomic undoubtedly will create a better community hub that is missing currently in Kota Tinggi and will be the module for flood resilient architecture in Malaysia.

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exploded structure