The Sekolah Senibina Skudai (SSS), formerly known as Tanggam, is the official online presence of the School of Architecture of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. It serves as community portal, one-stop reference for students and prospective students and serves as a repository and archival site for students’ works.

In its former form Tanggam, this site began in 2002 as an online forum community for Malaysian architecture students. It evolved into several forms, although still centering on student and young architects community. However, social media such as Facebook quickly became the preferred place to socialize in the online environment, and this has pushed Tanggam to revise its online function from an open community forum to a more academic resource center that supports online architectural community in Malaysia.

SSS is managed by the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Built Environment, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. This community also functions as an extension of UTM’s design studio in the virtual environment, primarily allowing students to expand their horizons and aid their journey through architectural education.



Azari Mat Yasir, or more commonly known by his online moniker azarimy, have been managing the online community website for UTM architectural students society since his student days in 1999. When he joined the school as a tutor, he immediately formalized and establish as an open online community forum for Malaysian architectural society. He’s still attached in UTM as a full-fledged lecturer and is very interested in Architectural Education and the online environment.

Part of his contribution to architecture education in Malaysia include being one of the lead designer for UTM’s new 3+2 (BSc. Arch and M.Arch) curriculum, and is a certified assessor of Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia’s Council of Accreditation and Architectural Education Malaysia (CAAEM).