Throughout the semester, students may find themselves in a predicament; be it due to unforeseen circumstances, own fault or a series of unfortunate events that led them unable to fulfill certain requirements or meet certain deadlines. In such cases, students are always allowed (even encouraged) to appeal. The appeal process allows students to be given a second chance based on the Head of Panel’s, Coordinators or Head of Department’s prerogatives.

However, it has to be emphasized that appealing doesn’t always equate to approval. It is the student’s right to appeal, but it is the authorities’ right to approve. Students should always prepare themselves for the worst possible outcome pending approval. Appeal process can be lengthy. Although some processes can easily be met out by one person, some decisions have to be sorted out through proper channel, usually through departmental or faculty meetings. It usually takes between 1-2 working days, but some can take up to two weeks.

In order to make the process easier, download the doc file in the column to the right. It will guide students to write appeal letters appropriately. All appeals have to be submitted to the Thesis Coordinator.


Similar to the appeal process, complaints can be filed at any time regarding anything to do with design thesis. Students are encouraged to file a complaint as soon as a problem came up, especially if the outcome could affect the learning process, assessment or the general running of the programme.

Complaints received by the Coordinator will immediately be addressed. Solutions would be met out as soon as possible. If not, information on possible solutions (and/or alternatives) will be informed to the complainant including the time frame. Serious matters will always be brought forward to the Head of Department, in which will be tabled out in relevant departmental meeting for action(s) to be taken. At this point, information may or may not be reiterated to the complainant until the matter is resolved (depending on the gravity and confidentiality of the matter at hand).

Please download the doc file in the column to the right and follow the guideline on writing a complaint letter.







link to doc file “Appeal Letter Guide”

link to doc file “Complaint Letter Guide”