Corrections-to-Grade is a special status given for two assessments: Final Thesis Assessment and the Journal Article. This status is applicable to M.Arch students taking Design Thesis/Pre-Thesis who have been assessed but with some weaknesses and/or errors that could be fixed in order to comply to either LAM Part 2 or the university’s academic requirements or both.

The qualification for CTG is as follows:

i. Applicable to M.Arch students taking Design subjects only.
ii. Only applicable to Final Thesis Assessment and Report/Journal Article.
iii. For that particular assessment, student must have passed with a minimum of B- (although not necessarily revealed to them).
iv. The corrections to be done must be able to be completed in 7 days.
v. Student have passed all other assessments, except for the one in issue. A student can’t be awarded two CTGs in the same semester.

Procedure of CTG:

i. The Head of Panel will consult with the rest of the assessment panel (including externals) to determine students to be awarded CTG.
ii. Upon agreement, the actual grades of the students will be suspended. This is to ensure corrections be done satisfactorily irregardless of the grades acquired.
iii. Head of Panel (or elected representative) will announce to the students on their CTG status. The Coordinator will announce the deadline and venue of the CTG Review.
iv. Students now should consult with the Head of Panel (or elected representative) to itemize the corrections to be done. The recommended maximum number of corrections to be done is 10 items. It is not necessary to have 10 items, however it is recommended that each item is of equal load/significance of each other.
v. Students and Panel will both sign the items on a piece of paper. This is now known as the Agreed Corrections List.
vi. The Student will then do the appropriate corrections, amendments and/or upgrades until the deadline.
vii. On the CTG Review day, student will pin-up their drawings on the aforementioned venue. Student is required to pin-up the Agreed Corrections List next to their drawings.
viii. The CTG Review will determine if the student has satisfied all the requirements agreed, and deliver a verdict.

Corrections-to-Grade Review:

i. The Coordinator will elect a review panel that will consist of a member of the Panel, another member of the Department not belonging to the Panel, and one of the Coordinators themselves.
ii. The Review Panel will go through the list agreed by the student and the Panel. Each item listed will be scrutinized. A verdict for each item will be given by all the involved panels.
iii. In no circumstances will the Review Panel assess the students (in FTA manner); suggest new corrections, amendments and/or upgrades to be done outside the previously listed; and/or require a full verbal presentation. The review will and should be limited to the Agreed Corrections List.
iv. The Coordinator will tabulate the results.


i. Completing ALL the required in the Agreed Corrections List will award the student with the assigned grade.
ii.In cases where the panels are dissatisfied, the following guide is recommended:

Missing 3 items will downgrade the assigned grade by one grade (-5 marks).
Missing 6 items will downgrade by two grades (-10 marks).
Missing 9 items (or more) will downgrade by three grades (-15 marks).

iii. It is entirely possible for students failing to complete the CTG requirements will be downgraded so much that they go below the passing mark.
iv. Missing the CTG Review deadline will fail the student entirely.