This submission applies to all students who have been cleared and deemed ready for the Final Thesis Assessment of the effective semester. Please refer to the Thesis/Departmental Calendar for the submission deadlines.

Commitment to Deadline

The Thesis/Departmental Calendar (mentioned above) outlines a binding contract between the students and the school on the running of the programme. Adherence to the deadline protects the students’ rights within the system, granting the right to assessments, appeals, submissions and so on.

Failure to meet Deadlines

Submission deadlines usually carry a 1 hour injury time which begins immediately after the original deadline. During this time, anyone who submits will incur an automatic 1-grade-down penalty (5%) on the assessment involved. For example, Student A submitted 30min late than the deadline for his FTA. During the assessment, he received an average of B+. But due to the 1-grade-down penalty, his marks will be deducted by 5% off the FTA, resulting with only a B.

The downgrade is applied to all cases, even if the student already failed the FTA assessment (if the student received a C-, then the penalty will still apply for a FTA result of D+ instead).

In the event of students not submitting before the deadline or within the injury time, it is considered as non-submission. As stipulated in the Assessment Criteria, a non-submission will only result in E for that particular grading (even if the works have been assessed and a grade was awarded).

Non-submission is when students:

i. fail to meet the deadline published in the Thesis/Departmental Calendar
ii. fail to deliver the drawings and/or any submission requirements to the Coordinator during submission day and time beyond injury time.

However, students always have the right to appeal in accordance to University Rules and Regulations.