The Design thesis is managed by Coordinators appointed by the Department and supervised and assessed by a 3-person Thesis Supervisory Panel (TSP).

1. Thesis Supervisory Panel

The Thesis Supervisory Panels constitute of independent groupings of experts under the leadership of a Head of TSP appointed by the Department to provide supervision and guidance for each student allocated to them.

1.1. Characteristics of a TSP

Normally each TSP is made up of the Head of TSP and two or more experts appointed on the basis of synergetic grouping and on recognition of opportunities for organizing optional activities, exercises, workshops and publications; as measures to encourage independent judgment, exploration and research upon their students. Hence it is natural for the TSP to venture into an area of concern or a specialized subject area shared amongst its members.

It is in the notion of academic excellence that the group focuses on the strength of its members, however they are not required explicitly to do so. Students are encouraged to explore based on their findings, but are only recommended to stay within the strength of the TSP. In instances where students have to venture outside, it is accepted that students do so at their own risk, and should seek expert advise from other individuals within the school or externally.

A TSP should elect a head among its members. There is no specific criteria on the head, but it is commonly accepted that the Head of Panel carries extra burden of managing the panel and its students. He or she is also responsible for the heading of the TSP.

With a head elected, a TSP should agree on the heading, focus and area of expertise of the TSP. A TSP should also decide on a name to call the group that is descriptive to both its expertise and aspiration of the TSP.

1.2. Members of a TSP

A TSP consists of at least three (3) members each. The requirements of the line-up are as follows:

1.2.1. At least one PhD holder.

1.2.2. At least one architect with professional qualification.

1.2.3. At least one permanent member of the school.

1.2.4. All members must have a minimum of Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture equivalent to LAM Part 2 or relevant qualifications approved by the Department.

1.2.5. Points 1.2.1, 1.2.2 and 1.2.3 could be held by a single member of the TSP.

The assignment, election and management of members are under the jurisdiction of the Thesis Coordinator(s) with approval by the Head of Department.

1.3. TSP in M.Arch

In the new M.Arch Thesis group, the running and management of the TSP remains similar to the B.Arch programme. However, in the Pre-Thesis group, the role is more defined. Each panel will elect one of its members to become the Workbase Tutor, who will be responsible of running and managing a group of students not more than 10. This is similar to the workbase/atilier format practised in most architecture schools. The Workbase Tutor need not be the Head of Panel, but at most time it might be easier to be so.

The rest of the panel members will perform their duties as group supervisors and maintain contact with the students during the presentations, crits and assessments. Each TSP should only conduct ONE workbase per semester. If additional workbases are required, then additional TSPs should be formed to accommodate.