Brief for Permacultural Gastronomic cum Flood Mitigation Centre

The project seek to manifest the ideal solution for a holistic mitigation centre. The concept focuses on the ideology of mitigation centre as the hub for social development that benefits the community and environment through permaculture and primitive approach.

The prime drawback of current mitigation centre is food scarcity during flood. Late supply of food worsen the situation. The foods are also prepared in bulk with less consideration of the victims diet and cultural difference. Besides, the foods are prepared in a less hygienic way and thus, causes the victims to have food poisoning and other unwanted illness. Food issues are to be addressed immediately as food is the main underpinning for victims survival.

To solve the issue, green products are planted during non flood period. This will help sustain the food source for the victim within a period of time. With the help of culinary students and volunteers that are specialized in gastronomy, assuredly, without question, healthy and wholesome foods will be served without compromising the vegetarians and special diet needs. Convenient kitchens are also provided to ensure hygienic environment while food is prepared.

In a nutshell, the approach of nature in the building will nurture the value of appreciation and celebrating the nature. Permaculture integrated mitigation centre will save the victims amidst the calamity of flood.