a convertible Community Mall – CFRM

a convertible Community Mall – CFRM


Flood is the most common form of environment disaster in Malaysia. However, the common places that involves with relief centre are schools and multi-purpose hall.  The brief calls for a proper physical centres in dealing with many aspects of flood mitigation and relief work.


The intention is to design a new typology for CFRM, which for my case, the CFRM is convertible from a community mall. The building design will also consider social and environmental as well as the emergency relief issue.


The site is located at Jalan Niaga, Kota Tinggi, Johor. Surrounded with dense commercial activities this site possess strong site force as it is within flood risk area but not the first in line to be hit, thus, allowing more challenges in architectural strategies and opportunity in technologies implementation. Furthermore, existance of an unoccupied building site makes it more interesting as there are opportunities in preserving the original building typology or a choice of demolishing.

In the vicinity of the proposed site, most of it is a commercial area surrounded by building shops. In addition, there are public facilities like bus terminal, taxi terminal, mini UTC. tourist information centre and recreational park near the proposed site. In fact, there are jetties for water transportation to go to Kota Tinggi Firefly Park.



site 2

site 3




designThe existing building is rather dull building block that merely follow the trend of rapid concrete building development in the earlier years without much apprciation towards the local climate. The design intention is try to revive the economy condition by promoting a very new refreshing design scheme for the community. Re-promote retails. Instead of throwing away the whole ideas of the existing building, I tried to re-introduce the retails in some other approaches.


The structure of the building still sound. The rc structure is maintained portion-ly to serve the new building.


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main idea



flood s




Ground Floor Plan , normal day (left) , flood period (right)


1st Floor Plan , normal day (left) , flood period (right)


2nd Floor Plan , normal day (left) , flood period (right)


p1Exterior from Jalan Niaga towards East

p3Office Interior

ppNight view

pp2Night view

p4Relaxing Area – First Floor

pp3Shadow Casting of Roof on 2nd Floor Event Area.


park during Day, island during Flood

park during Day, island during Flood

by John Chua Yee Tak –

MERCY is a combination development of public market & office. The design has to able to fit into a spatial context, which located in between town and river front.This is the context which the design must prove itself with an understanding of the urban context of the surrounding of Kota Tinggi.

The design aim to create a connectivity linking the commercial area of the town with the river front, hence a humble profile ( low level building ) is designed to honour the river front. Extension of the green from the river front to the design to creates a continuity of the site context into the design itself.


The Rooftop becoming a urban park where public can freely access, eventually destroy the boundary between the building and the public which allow the public to evacuate during floor without second thought. Events, activities and fairs can be carried out on the rooftop urban park acting as an attraction point for the Kota Tinggi residents to approach to the River front and the existing market.

During Flood, the design will act as an urban island where people can access to the rooftop urban park as temporary evacuation area for the urban users. The slopes of the urban park is act as massive boat parking for the rescue team.