this is the facade inserted to the building,act as the natural ventillation at the same time also allow the sunlight into the building.

Nowadays,people are lack of confident and leadership in their life.Therefore,my intention is to propose a center where people can develope and explore the leadership inside them.Instead of that, one of the most valueble things they will learn is to prepare themselve to face disaster like flood in any situation.The duration of study is about a 5 month before officially graduates.
Therefore,the alumni also can take part when disaster are coming and apply everything that they have learn at this centre.

However,the site we have propose is at the market Kota Tinggi, Johor Bahru. Somehow the idea is to integrate the existing market as the business centre with the leadership training centre as education programme.Therefore,the existing market will remain at the ground floor since people already guinine on that market.The duration for the wet market start function are about from 6.00am to 12noon.Since that they will rent their retail to other ratailers to take over their retail to start their business start from 4pm till 11pm.This will make this market fully functioning and full with people followed by a Dj that control all the situation at the very top of the building tower.This Dj will play their role to promote the existing retail to public and also will play some music to give a good theraphy to visitor.

Therefore instead of market that run as the main business,the main intention is this centre are ready for any disasterand have prepare human power to control any situation instead of this building itself. This centre have install some technology for flood disaster like flood door to avoid the water from enter the main part of building. Instead of that, this building also provide the ramp to allow the boat to enter the building any level of flood water. The other features in this building is the combination of hexagon facade at outside of the building and allow the natural air ventiallation to enter flow the building through the louvers that install at the building facade.

the wet market where people can gather around and buy some raw food.Instead of that they can hear some advertise from the radio tower to know which area have a promotions.

technology facade and tower- the tower to give visitor some relaxation music and at the same time will advertise the market inside this building.During the floods this tower will act as radio tower to communicate to the outsiders and also give some information to peoples.