Similar to other design projects, I have few precedence and inspirations of ideas I borrowed from to compliment my design. Particularly on the kitchen part, I made it in the form of chambers or commonly known as furnace. This is to emphasize and highlight the space as the heart of the building. The form is also contrasting from the other spaces to indicate the kitchen as the connector of planting area (where the visitors and chefs collect the veggies and bring them to the kitchen) and to the eating area.

The furnace and lightweight feature of the building  is inspired from the form of Bordeoux Law Court by Richard Rogers. Further details on the building can be found here:

Other furnace forms inspiration are also gained from Bartlett School of Architecture Catalogue 2009.

The idea of changeable services is also referred to Richard Rogers from his design of Lloyds of London. The services are made outside the main envelope to gain the benefits of freeing the building of all internal obstructions, making lifts and servicing systems more accessible for maintenance and future upgrades without disturbance to the occupants. This is relevant to be applied in the mitigation centre as the building need to accommodate more and more victims every year and the services are the major part that need to be upgrade once in a while.

Below are the perspectives of the permacultural gastronomic mitigation centre for the last pre-submission and inspirations from Bartlett School of Architecture Catalogue 2009.

exterior perspective


interior view from the eating area, facing the kitchen