Check your deadline first!
Day, Date, Time and Venue

Then follow the procedure below:

Deadline and Penalties

Adherence to deadline will be enforced strictly in this school. Injury Time of 30-minute segments will be in effect, subject to penalties.

1st segment: -5% (one grade down);
2nd segment: -10% (two grades down).

In standard practice, any submissions beyond the 2nd segment is considered non-submission. Penalties will be given only to the assessment of the submitted project. Other projects that have been assessed or will be assessed will not be affected by the penalty given.

For example: You’ve submitted your design drawings on time, but was late for your technicals by 15 minutes. The one grade down penalty will be applied to the technical assessment ONLY.

Submission time is only noted on the last sheet included. Meaning even if you’re there at 1400 but your last sheet arrives at 1635, the entire set will be considered non-submission.


You may submit on behalf of your friend, or have your friend submit on your behalf to your own risk.

Only stamped sheets can be used for Final Design Assessment.

The Coordinator will verify all sheets submitted. You should inform the Coordinator if you have pasted-on pieces on the spot. All white spaces will be noted to prevent cheating (by adding on last-minute pieces pasted on the sheets).